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Wheel Alignment

1. Practicality


Cloud 5D wheel alignment is fit for all car lifts like two-post lift, mini-scissor lift, four-post lift and scissors lift. Traditional 3D wheel alignment can only be applied on scissors lift.


2. Comprehensiveness


Cloud 5D wheel alignment is installed on the top of the car lift . It can scan the whole car body and monitor change of all angles. The middle camera monitors the change of levelness and count the difference in the cloud.


3.     Intellectualization


Cloud 5D wheel alignment is free from calibration. Traditional 3D wheel alignment needs periodically shipment to factory for calibration.


4. Boarder Sight


5D wheel alignment camera sight is adjustable. It can measure ultra-long, ultra-wide and ultra-narrow vehicles.


5. Accuracy

Cloud 5D wheel alignment supports hang in air adjustment. When car suspension is hang in air, the adjustment can be more precise. Traditional 3D wheel alignment needs turn plate to help with the adjustment. And it also needs to bounce the car for restoration. When turn plate is worn, it will lead to incorrect measurement results.


6. Convenience

Cloud 5D wheel alignment with WIFi, it can connect any mobile communication devices.


7. Professional

Cloud 5D wheel alignment adopts 2 industrial-grade computer chips. It is faster and more stable than common computer for dozens of times.


8. After-sales Service

If there is any problem with the machine. Customer only need to send the camera box(about 0.06m3) back to our factory. But traditional 3D wheel alignment has beam so the shipment is difficult with high cost and long time.

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